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   Are you an editor who needs inspirational features and interviews to add flair to your magazine and attract readers?

 Do you want to become an independent, cultural traveller but can’t overcome your insecurities and embark on your own great adventure?


Read my inspirational travel articles and you will look at the world in a different light – you will discover intriguing destinations, and savour the hospitality and friendliness of different cultures. Let me help you remove the blindfold that is stopping you from appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.  The appearance of the world around you changes according to your emotions. Open up your heart and you will start seeing magic and splendour.


Read about my travel experiences; inspire yourself with the simple encounters that stir up the unbridled joy of travelling. I will share one secret with you immediately. The real magic of new destinations lies within you; it is there, maybe hidden in the depths of your being, but once you tap into it, into yourself, that magic will give you new eyes – a clear vision. It will make you see the colours brighter and new landscapes will beckon to you in all their sparkling radiance. You will realise that the man on the doorstep is not frowning at you but grinning – an open invitation for a friendly chat; don’t miss the encounter – it will enrich your travel experience.


Pluck up the courage to pack your bags, perhaps on your own; maybe with a few loved ones, and embark on your own travel adventure. If you have never done it before, it might be a daunting prospect, but don’t get discouraged. I can help you make the most of your cultural travel experience, especially if you decide to go to one of my favoured destinations.


By now you will probably have realised that my idea of travelling is immersion into a different culture; a discovery of people, places and customs. Leave the ways of your country behind. Shed the clothes of your preconceptions and dive into the warm sea of discovery and fulfilment. With each journey, you will return home wiser; exposed to the beauty and variety of the world. You will bring back with you memories that will linger throughout your life to give you joy and warmth in times of need.


With some basic planning, inspirational reading, and by meeting the right contacts, you will experience travel in its most fulfilling form. If the financial burden of your trip is concerning you, I will be me more than happy to give you the necessary tips that will help you spend less money. Get the best value out of your hard-earned cash by going to those places that really give what you expect. Remember that not all that glitters is gold!


I can give you detailed independent-travel advice about the following destinations:


  • Malta
  • Scotland
  • Snowdonia (Wales)
  • Lake District (England)
  • Tuscany (Italy)
  • Lake Maggiore and the smaller lakes of Lombardy and Piedmont (Italy)
  • Normandy (France)
  • Norway (Grand Fjord Tour: Oslo – Sognefjord – Bergen– Oslo)


While commercial tours promise to make you ‘visit’ countless destinations in one trip, I suggest you do the opposite. Probably you have already heard about the philosophy of slow travel. Visit a small area; get to know the people and how they live. Sample for a while life in a different country at a laid-back pace; breathe its air, hear its languages, taste its food. Take the time to stop and see the places and stop to chat with the people who live there. No-one can give you a better insight on the place. I can assure you that you will come home refreshed and without the slightest hint of fatigue and stress.


Travel, coupled with the right frame of mind, can be youranti-stress therapy; your journey towards happiness; a means to get closer to your loved ones by sharing exhilarating experiences.


Whether you are an editor in need of features, an armchair traveller who wants an insider glimpse on a particular destination or an independent traveller in search of inspiration, your solution is just an email away. Contact me and tell me what kind of writing service you need.


Here is what some people who I have worked with have to say:


  • You have completely nailed the tone and style of the magazine – your pitch is ideal! Would love to run this story in yeahbaby. Ginny Cummings, editor of BMIbaby in-flight magazine


  • Excellent article, as always. Alexa Thompson, Editor - Celtic Heritage Magazine


  • Many thanks for your letter and copy of the article in Celtic Heritage. Its an excellent piece. Paul Spence, Historic Scotland


  • I just wanted to let you know that the magazine arrived this morning and the interview looks super. Anne Riley (PA for author Joanne Harris)


  •  Richard, What a really lovely article, one of the most descriptive and captivating I’ve read for a long time.Shauna Hay, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


  •  Thank you Richard.  That is a wonderful interview with Joanne Harris. Jane Nauta (Australia)


  •   Dear Richard, Have just edited the article, which is really good. Enjoyed reading it. Simonne Pace (Supplements Editor, The Sunday Times of Malta)


  •  Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your e-mail and the excellent article you attached.  I will add you to my Journalist e-mail list so that you receive updated information on Bodnant Garden from time to time. Ann Smith (Administration & Visitor Services Manager, The National Trust, Bodnant Garden)


  •  Hi Richard, thanks a lot for the recent contributions. The French one is grand. What an impression!Rosemary and Dieter Klaschka (Germany)


  •  Hello Richard, it is hard to say how I feel after looking at your latest piece of work; overwhelmed perhaps. The photographs flow beautifully with your writing; what a history this place has and it is easy to see why it has been placed on the World Heritage List. Now, thanks to you I will be "hunting" for books on this magnificent Abbey...Robert Dudgeon (Australia)


  •  Dear Richard, that sounds excellent… it’s wonderful that you use your good brain…not many people do!Marie Benoit (Features Editor, The Malta Independent on Sunday)


Discover the joys of wandering abroad; the lure of the gold that does not always glitter. All you have to do is to send me an email, briefing me about your requirements. My prices vary depending on the scope of the project, but rest assured that you can bargain a fair price. My greatest payment is first and foremost your satisfaction.

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